Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Music Behind It and Warmth From the Cold Outside

I find it much easier for me to feel connected to create, or try to, an artful scene in my own eyes when I listen to music while shooting. One of these days, I will create a list of things of certain songs I listen too while I'm out. I always loved sharing music that I thought was great. Sometimes I can get annoying though, just ask some of my friends cause I drive them nuts at times. So if you like shooting photos and your by yourself, otherwise it's rude to your friend as they're yelling at you to get out of their shot, listen to something that sparks inspiration. Or you can simply rock out as I do sometimes, and the new Dream Theater album is coming out in September. Can't wait!! Nerd moment over.

Warmth From the Cold Outside

This is from Bay Harbor when my dad and I took a little break from exploring around the area and decided to stop in this little coffee shop. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it though. It was a nice little shop and the lady running the place was very friendly and somehow knew my mom. They had really good hot chocolate, which I always order cause I'm not a big coffee fan. Period. 


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