Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clouds Pass the House and I Win!!

I shot this last Friday with my friend Shawn. We spent about 3 hours on the end of the breakwall, watching the clouds pass, the sun go down, and talking with random people shooting their own photos. It's nice to hang out down there because you always run into people you know. For example, we both ran into some old friends we haven't seen in about 5 years, pretty awesome!

I Win!!

I went to my first NASCAR race last weekend. I'm not a real big fan of racing, but going was a blast! It also helped that Shawn, yet again, hooked me up with getting media and pit passes. It was an awesome experience and a little bit of a culture shock. I've never been exposed to anything like that before but mostly when I was warned it was going to be loud, I should've known that they were lying. It was DEAFENING!! At one point I actually checked my ears to see if they were bleeding. I would definitely go back for another race though. Denny Hamlin in the #11 car won the race at Michigan International Speedway.  

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