Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPhone Idea & Frozen Launch

I was thinking about this for a little while and I want to do a little project with my iPhone. I want to take a bunch of photos I've taken with the iPhone and build a little book out of it. I've seen this done before, but unlike the book I saw I can't exactly go to Italy and shoot. I was just thinking more along the lines of average things we enjoy in life. But i'm not going to shoot tacky stuff like a burger from McDonalds or something; that's dumb and I want to set myself apart from the everyday photos we see on Facebook. I wanted to make a classy and unique with a little thought and depth behind these little photos.

Frozen Launch

I like adventuring around in the winter. It's something not many people do around here because it's so dang cold here in the winter. But I like seeing things you can't normally see ever unless you go out and explore. I'll see the occasional photographer roll up in their big ol' SUV and shoot something from the warmth of their car, but really?! I always thought that half the fun of getting a good shot was how you got it. Shooting from the car is not very epic at all. So all you lazy photographers out there, "Get out of the car you big babies and get something you can put a story to."

This shot is from the Loomis Street boat launch around mid December. It's one of my first HDR's ever. I didn't think it was too bad ;)


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