Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stuck In Customs and The Snowy Tracks

So this week I wanted to share the story and the photographer that inspired me to start up HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

For a while I was feeling like my photography was in a slump. I didn't feel inspired and the fact that I've been shooting the same things in the same town was starting to get a little old. So, I did what anyone one would do in my situation, I bought a new camera...

All these options opened up for me because of the versatility of of the camera. I was excited again. Now all these ideas I had in my head started to become possible because I wasn't being held back by the limitations of my old DSLR. My next step was to discover a new technique.

My girlfriend and I were browsing Barnes and Noble one night and I basically stuck in the two shelf section of digital photography. We were there for for a while and my butt hurt. By pure accident I pick up this book entitled "A World In HDR", by Trey Ratcliff. I was instantly hooked. I had never seen such amazing photographs in my life until I opened that book. Page after page I was mesmerized of the quality, color, composure, and pure awesomeness. That was my inspiration that I needed. I instantly started studying the book, reading Trey's tutorial and headed out shooting more than I normally would have. I'm still learning and making mistakes, but I think I need to. I find it funny when I look back to when I bought the book and I could have just went to Trey's blog to find his free HDR tutorial there. Oh well, I'm happy I got the book. I probably would have went and bought it anyway.

I invite all the readers to go over and check out his number one travel photography blog in the world over at Stuck In Customs. Trey is one of my favorite photographers and I visit his site like I'm being paid to. I'm constantly learning new things from advise he gives and videos he shares. Thanks Trey!!

The Snowy Tracks

I went for a hike at the Ludington State Park which is the usual location for me when I want to shoot. Whats great about it is you never really know what you might see. I like to go out in the winter cause there aren't many people who go out there during the winter. Since I live in a tourist town, during the summer it IS impossible to not run into someone. This day the sun was nice me. It kept me warm on my hike and gave some nice light through the trees while I shot some critter tracks. 


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