Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prints in the works and An Evening Mist

I received my print orders earlier this week and the verdict is.... not great. The print came back to me a little dark so it seems I need to go back and re-calibrate my screen again. I'm pretty picky about how my prints come out so diligence is going to be the key. I will continue to update on my printing endeavors as more progress is being made.

An Evening Mist

I was just returning from a quick trip from Muskegon to acquire a new phone, seeing is how my battery tried to blow up in my face. Anyway, on the way back up, fog started to roll in and I always get excited when it does. I got less enthused however as I came closer and closer to home, the fog rolled on. I still decided to run by the beach because it was nice out, then I asked myself, "Where's the lighthouse?" The fog was still on the lake! I rush out there, giving a polite nod to the fisherman as I wisked by, repositioned a few times, and I found my spot. This is my first HDR in black and white. I thought it was fitting to this situation since there was a great absence of color. I didn't really want to share two lighthouse photos in a row, but I was excited to share it. Enjoy!!      

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