Sunday, April 10, 2011

Printing and When the Light Says Goodnight

I've sent away for some print samples and am getting ready to finally order prints. I've done the research looking for a company that offered some sort of calibration from their printers to my computer. One thing that has always urked me is the fact that when I print something I've worked on and liked, it comes out as something completely different.

With my monitor calibrated (I hope) my prints should arrive sometime early this week. I'm really excited to see them and hope they turn out well. Almost as excited as when the new Dream Theater album came out ;)

When the Light Says Goodnight

I hear many people around the country say they are spoiled their with sunsets. I guess then that they have never visited here. We are so spoiled; if we don't see a great sunset then we say we'll see another one tomorrow. The great thing is that they are never the same. Even though I didn't exactly shoot the sunset, it gave some nice colorful light on the lighthouse just after the sun went down. Yes that is moon and no I didn't add it in. That would be cheating and I'm no pumpkin eater. 


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