Monday, March 21, 2011

Video Blog and Bolted Ice

A new video blog is in the making between myself and my photo/video partner in crime Shawn Deweerd. The blog will feature projects the two of us are making (plus solo work) and other news that concerns upcoming videos. It's still in the discussion stages but hopefully we can get some content up soon.

Bolted Ice

Me and my good friend Andy took a trip to our lighthouse here in Ludington for a little adventure. This involved walking a quarter mile ice covered breakwall that would surely spell doom if we were to slip. It actually wasn't that bad. Once we got out there, the sun was just about set cause I was taking too long shooting the carving in the ice before we got to the lighthouse. There was a small little cave between the lighthouse wall and the ice that formed down from the overhanging ledge above and I had to have Andy push me up to get inside. Once in, I had trouble getting back out. It was very cool though. This first image is me inside and the second is the shot I took. 



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