Sunday, March 13, 2011

So it Begins and The Marina Gazeebo

Hi all! For those of you who know me, yes I finally started this blog thingy I said I was going to do. For the others who may not be so familiar, welcome! I started this to start sharing some of my work that I've been building up through the years and I really hope you enjoy what I'm going to be showing you. So enjoy!! 

The Marina Gazeebo 

Lately I've been processing a lot of HDR photography (High Dynamic Range). As this has only been a recent development, I will not be posting strickly HDR. I will bounce back and forth between processed and unprocessed photos. And since I've been hearing about all sorts of 360 project photos, posting a photo from everyday and such, I will just post a photo a day. Or at least try to. Since I don't have internet where I live I will try my best when I go somewhere that does have it, also I'm busy. Anyway, christening this blog is a photo down at our marina in Ludington, MI.

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