Sunday, March 20, 2011

Departing Flight and J'ai tiré sur la lune

Well today is the day my sister left for London for about 16 months. She is going to grad school there and getting her Masters in International Business. I still think she's going to travel everywhere and anywhere since it's so cheap to fly from there. Hopefully I can visit her at some point in time seeing that I've never been out of the country before.

J'ai Tiré Sur la Lune 

Why I decided to name this in French? I don't know. Probably cause I was just looking at the title Claire de Lune by Debussy. I'm not going to tell you exactly what it means so I guess your just going to have to Google it if your interested enough. The moon tonight was the closest it's been in the last 18 years. I don't have much experience photographing the moon so it was a fun, but cold experience for me. I just wish I had a longer lens or an extension to get the shot I visualized in my head. Some day maybe. I had to settle for this image even though I'm not entirely pleased with it, but hey it was just for funsies.


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