Sunday, October 23, 2011

Google+ and Kites in Cold Water

So I've been recently pretty active on this whole Google+ thing and loving it! I'm not that great in keeping up on uploading new photos, but am on the lookout for Google Hangouts. I've been learning so much from other photographers and even had the pleasure of meeting a few of my photog hero's!! It's been an awesome ride so far and can't wait for more.

Kites in Cold Water

A couple weeks ago I decided to head to the Ludington State Park and attempt to find and interesting set up for a time-lapse. Needless to say it was a total failure. I was on top if the skyline trail and noticed some kites down on Lake Michigan and immediately knew they were boarders at the ends of those lines. I got so excited because I've been itching to learn how to kiteboard for such a long time. I've got the kite, harness, and board and all I need is a wet-suit and a life vest. I'm making it official that I'm going to learn next spring. Before some of you tell me that I said that last year, shoosh. I'm really going to this time. Anyway, I booked it down there, threw the 55-300 lens on the camera, and ran to the shore to start shooting. I had such a fun time with this because it was something completely different than the normal stuff I usually shoot. Also cause it was so cool! It was the perfect time of the evening. It wasn't too cold and the sun was just going down so it was golden hour. I had some trouble exposing it right sometimes but I think I got some good shots. After they were done I met both Eric and Alex and helped Eric with his kite. They were both really nice guys and even gave me some info about were to take lessons. This is also the first time I'm really learning how to touch up and process photos since I downloaded the 30 day trial of Adobe Lightroom 3. It may look inconsistent but again I'm just learning. Here are just a few of the shots I took that night. Thanks for allowing me to shoot guys!!






Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Back and Fall Fog

Yeah it's been awhile since my last post but I'm still here and with lots of new material to show you. Instead of bantering about what I have and have not been up to, I'm just going to jump in with the photos.

Fall Fog

A few weeks ago, I got up around 6 in the morning with a temperature of 36 and headed out to Sgt. Sands near the state park. I figured I'd go there to check out the fog on the lake. I just about stopped heading there to shoot some other spot that had some crazy fog, but I had a mission. Once there, I ran up the hill to see if there was any fog coming of the lake at all and to see if there was a decent angle from there. There was fog but no good shots. I took off back down the hill, tripped, and landed right on my tripod cutting my hand open. yeah it hurt. A lot!! No matter though, I just got back in the car and headed down the road to where people park and go to the tiny beach on the lake. In retrospect, I wish that I had shot a time-lapse. That fog was so thick and just rolling right off that lake. It would've been awesome. Oh well, here are some shots from that morning. Enjoy the multiple shot I give you today!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Harbor Timelapse and A Harbor View

Here is a quick timelapse I did last week of the Ludington harbor. I wish I could've gotten on the breakwall but it was closed that day because of rough seas. Don't mind the jump in the framing towards the end, I took a quick HDR and forgot to turn the auto bracketing off when I resumed my intervals. Oops.

A Harbor View

This photo was taken the same day as the White Tree. I had forgotten about this one until today while looking through photos with Shawn and his shots he took of the Pentwater homecoming fireworks. I think I'd have more to say about this photo but it's 1:40 am. I'm going to bed. 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My First Frame and The Grand Rapids Sky Flowers

I finally got the opportunity to have my photo overlooking the city of Grand Rapids framed up at Timeless Framing here in Ludington. Robert does all the framing here at his local shop and is an absolute pro. If ever you need something framed, send it here. This is my original post of the photo and below is a photo of me, Robert, and my finished frame. Thanks Robert!!

Grand Rapids Sky Flowers

Unfortunately, Shawn and I were supposed to shoot Grand Rapids 4th of July fireworks from the top of the Riverhouse building. Ya know, the building I took the photo mentioned above from, but the fire marshall deemed it too dangerous so we settled for a nice spot here on the river. 


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Change of Scenery and The White Tree

As of today I've officially relocated myself from Ludington, MI to where Newsweek called a dying city that is Grand Rapids. Due the widespread popularity of the Grand Rapids Lip Dub, I think we've proved otherwise. If you haven't seen it, shame on you and watch the video here. My good friend and new roommate Shawn, who works with FOX 17 news here in GR, drove the FOX 17 news van seen in the video. Pretty cool huh? Well moving day was crazy with thunderstorms then immediate humidity set at 90 degrees. I suppose I'll have to get used to it, but in the meantime stay tuned in for future photos coming from the area.

The White Tree

This has nothing to do with "The Lord of the Rings." If that's why you clicked the post, sorry to disappoint. The tree is at the Waterfront park in Petoskey, MI. If you look real hard, you may see my parents house in Harbor Springs. I'm kidding you can't see it because of the trees, but it's there. It was an amazing sky that evening and I didn't want to stop shooting this tree and the warm bench by the water, but I wanted to move closer to the marina as the sun set down. I do love it up North, it always has something new to offer.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Music Behind It and Warmth From the Cold Outside

I find it much easier for me to feel connected to create, or try to, an artful scene in my own eyes when I listen to music while shooting. One of these days, I will create a list of things of certain songs I listen too while I'm out. I always loved sharing music that I thought was great. Sometimes I can get annoying though, just ask some of my friends cause I drive them nuts at times. So if you like shooting photos and your by yourself, otherwise it's rude to your friend as they're yelling at you to get out of their shot, listen to something that sparks inspiration. Or you can simply rock out as I do sometimes, and the new Dream Theater album is coming out in September. Can't wait!! Nerd moment over.

Warmth From the Cold Outside

This is from Bay Harbor when my dad and I took a little break from exploring around the area and decided to stop in this little coffee shop. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it though. It was a nice little shop and the lady running the place was very friendly and somehow knew my mom. They had really good hot chocolate, which I always order cause I'm not a big coffee fan. Period. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clouds Pass the House and I Win!!

I shot this last Friday with my friend Shawn. We spent about 3 hours on the end of the breakwall, watching the clouds pass, the sun go down, and talking with random people shooting their own photos. It's nice to hang out down there because you always run into people you know. For example, we both ran into some old friends we haven't seen in about 5 years, pretty awesome!

I Win!!

I went to my first NASCAR race last weekend. I'm not a real big fan of racing, but going was a blast! It also helped that Shawn, yet again, hooked me up with getting media and pit passes. It was an awesome experience and a little bit of a culture shock. I've never been exposed to anything like that before but mostly when I was warned it was going to be loud, I should've known that they were lying. It was DEAFENING!! At one point I actually checked my ears to see if they were bleeding. I would definitely go back for another race though. Denny Hamlin in the #11 car won the race at Michigan International Speedway.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Websites and The Seagull

I've been doing some research and plan on making myself a website here in the near future. I've been reading a book that breaks down everything I need to do pretty simply. When will everyone get to see it? I don't have a clue haha. I haven't even made the first step yet, it's just being planned. It'll be a while yet trying to figure how I want it to look, what content will I put there, and maybe by then (hopefully) I can start marketing myself for work.

The Seagull

I never really had the opportunity to shoot any wildlife ever unless it was in a cage, tank, ect. But that doesn't really count or make it wild does it. This day, I finally got a real chance to do so and I discovered how frustrating and kind of thrilling it can be. I was shooting these seagulls, who were following the fishermen just after a storm had passed and they weren't cooperating. They seemed to know what I was up to and kept their distance as I shot or flew on the opposite side of were I was pointing trying to get the ones who kept their distance. I got many usable images from them but liked this guy the most.  Just wish I didn't clip his wing :(


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uninteresting News and The Storm Has Passed

Since my hours were changed at work, I've had a whopping zero amount of time to shoot anything new. I'm so frustrated since I work way early, I have to go to bed way early and I hate turning in before the sun is even down!! I've made a lot of sad faces as I look at the beautiful photo light outside when I go to bed. Although the overtime is nice, I hope it ends soon so I can enjoy life.

The Storm Has Passed

It's storm season for everyone it seems, but this particular day was kind. Those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook saw that was posting photos from my iPhone on this day as I was so excited to be out there. I've been trying to take my time when I shoot nowadays and just slow it down to get the shots I always miss. Many times I facepalm after I leave a spot when I see something even more amazing behind me. I shot the sky, lighthouse, ALL the seagulls, the boats, whilst getting a little rained on, for about three hours this day. It was amazing. I will post more of that shoot at a later date when I have time to do so.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPhone Idea & Frozen Launch

I was thinking about this for a little while and I want to do a little project with my iPhone. I want to take a bunch of photos I've taken with the iPhone and build a little book out of it. I've seen this done before, but unlike the book I saw I can't exactly go to Italy and shoot. I was just thinking more along the lines of average things we enjoy in life. But i'm not going to shoot tacky stuff like a burger from McDonalds or something; that's dumb and I want to set myself apart from the everyday photos we see on Facebook. I wanted to make a classy and unique with a little thought and depth behind these little photos.

Frozen Launch

I like adventuring around in the winter. It's something not many people do around here because it's so dang cold here in the winter. But I like seeing things you can't normally see ever unless you go out and explore. I'll see the occasional photographer roll up in their big ol' SUV and shoot something from the warmth of their car, but really?! I always thought that half the fun of getting a good shot was how you got it. Shooting from the car is not very epic at all. So all you lazy photographers out there, "Get out of the car you big babies and get something you can put a story to."

This shot is from the Loomis Street boat launch around mid December. It's one of my first HDR's ever. I didn't think it was too bad ;)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crazy Busy and The Waterfront Clock

Aside from work, I've been on the go with all things photo. I have been doing research, spontaneous photo trips, joining and setting up photo groups, and the usual processing images. I've been looking around for reliable and fairly decent priced hard drives to back up my library completely off my computer. I think that it is about time to give this little laptop a break before it decides to erupt in flame and glory. I keep coming back to Western Digitals and Seagate drives because that's what everyone keeps pointing me to, but if you have any other options for me to consider please leave a comment below the post.

The Waterfront Clock

Over Easter, I went up to my parents house for the weekend to spend the holidays with the family. My dad works out of state in Oklahoma and I try to make it home every chance I get to go see him and the rest of my family. On my way to their house, there is this area called Bay Harbor. It's basically a place where the rich folk live and has a few buildings where you can shop, eat, or just have a cup of coffee. I spent one evening shooting the place with dad and from there he took me to the casino. From there, I had him stop at a park right on the bay in Petoskey called the Waterfront. It's a really nice place with a marina, a couple baseball diamonds, and this cool clock tower. I've shot it before, but this time I wanted to come back for the HDR makeover. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prints in the works and An Evening Mist

I received my print orders earlier this week and the verdict is.... not great. The print came back to me a little dark so it seems I need to go back and re-calibrate my screen again. I'm pretty picky about how my prints come out so diligence is going to be the key. I will continue to update on my printing endeavors as more progress is being made.

An Evening Mist

I was just returning from a quick trip from Muskegon to acquire a new phone, seeing is how my battery tried to blow up in my face. Anyway, on the way back up, fog started to roll in and I always get excited when it does. I got less enthused however as I came closer and closer to home, the fog rolled on. I still decided to run by the beach because it was nice out, then I asked myself, "Where's the lighthouse?" The fog was still on the lake! I rush out there, giving a polite nod to the fisherman as I wisked by, repositioned a few times, and I found my spot. This is my first HDR in black and white. I thought it was fitting to this situation since there was a great absence of color. I didn't really want to share two lighthouse photos in a row, but I was excited to share it. Enjoy!!      

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Printing and When the Light Says Goodnight

I've sent away for some print samples and am getting ready to finally order prints. I've done the research looking for a company that offered some sort of calibration from their printers to my computer. One thing that has always urked me is the fact that when I print something I've worked on and liked, it comes out as something completely different.

With my monitor calibrated (I hope) my prints should arrive sometime early this week. I'm really excited to see them and hope they turn out well. Almost as excited as when the new Dream Theater album came out ;)

When the Light Says Goodnight

I hear many people around the country say they are spoiled their with sunsets. I guess then that they have never visited here. We are so spoiled; if we don't see a great sunset then we say we'll see another one tomorrow. The great thing is that they are never the same. Even though I didn't exactly shoot the sunset, it gave some nice colorful light on the lighthouse just after the sun went down. Yes that is moon and no I didn't add it in. That would be cheating and I'm no pumpkin eater. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stuck In Customs and The Snowy Tracks

So this week I wanted to share the story and the photographer that inspired me to start up HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

For a while I was feeling like my photography was in a slump. I didn't feel inspired and the fact that I've been shooting the same things in the same town was starting to get a little old. So, I did what anyone one would do in my situation, I bought a new camera...

All these options opened up for me because of the versatility of of the camera. I was excited again. Now all these ideas I had in my head started to become possible because I wasn't being held back by the limitations of my old DSLR. My next step was to discover a new technique.

My girlfriend and I were browsing Barnes and Noble one night and I basically stuck in the two shelf section of digital photography. We were there for for a while and my butt hurt. By pure accident I pick up this book entitled "A World In HDR", by Trey Ratcliff. I was instantly hooked. I had never seen such amazing photographs in my life until I opened that book. Page after page I was mesmerized of the quality, color, composure, and pure awesomeness. That was my inspiration that I needed. I instantly started studying the book, reading Trey's tutorial and headed out shooting more than I normally would have. I'm still learning and making mistakes, but I think I need to. I find it funny when I look back to when I bought the book and I could have just went to Trey's blog to find his free HDR tutorial there. Oh well, I'm happy I got the book. I probably would have went and bought it anyway.

I invite all the readers to go over and check out his number one travel photography blog in the world over at Stuck In Customs. Trey is one of my favorite photographers and I visit his site like I'm being paid to. I'm constantly learning new things from advise he gives and videos he shares. Thanks Trey!!

The Snowy Tracks

I went for a hike at the Ludington State Park which is the usual location for me when I want to shoot. Whats great about it is you never really know what you might see. I like to go out in the winter cause there aren't many people who go out there during the winter. Since I live in a tourist town, during the summer it IS impossible to not run into someone. This day the sun was nice me. It kept me warm on my hike and gave some nice light through the trees while I shot some critter tracks. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Grand Rapids

So I'm spending the weekend down in Grand Rapids with my good buddy Shawn and he got us access to the Riverhouse building rooftop. It was so cool. Although I'm not really afraid of heights, I got a little vertigo looking down the 30+ floors building. We were up there shooting some time lapse stuff and spent quite some time spying on the unsuspecting city. We talked questioned about the people driving by on 131/I 96 junction like where are they going? What radio station were they listening to? Where are they hauling that boat? After it was all finished, I took an HDR of the river, the J. W. Marriott Hotel, and the Amway building.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Video Blog and Bolted Ice

A new video blog is in the making between myself and my photo/video partner in crime Shawn Deweerd. The blog will feature projects the two of us are making (plus solo work) and other news that concerns upcoming videos. It's still in the discussion stages but hopefully we can get some content up soon.

Bolted Ice

Me and my good friend Andy took a trip to our lighthouse here in Ludington for a little adventure. This involved walking a quarter mile ice covered breakwall that would surely spell doom if we were to slip. It actually wasn't that bad. Once we got out there, the sun was just about set cause I was taking too long shooting the carving in the ice before we got to the lighthouse. There was a small little cave between the lighthouse wall and the ice that formed down from the overhanging ledge above and I had to have Andy push me up to get inside. Once in, I had trouble getting back out. It was very cool though. This first image is me inside and the second is the shot I took. 



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Departing Flight and J'ai tiré sur la lune

Well today is the day my sister left for London for about 16 months. She is going to grad school there and getting her Masters in International Business. I still think she's going to travel everywhere and anywhere since it's so cheap to fly from there. Hopefully I can visit her at some point in time seeing that I've never been out of the country before.

J'ai Tiré Sur la Lune 

Why I decided to name this in French? I don't know. Probably cause I was just looking at the title Claire de Lune by Debussy. I'm not going to tell you exactly what it means so I guess your just going to have to Google it if your interested enough. The moon tonight was the closest it's been in the last 18 years. I don't have much experience photographing the moon so it was a fun, but cold experience for me. I just wish I had a longer lens or an extension to get the shot I visualized in my head. Some day maybe. I had to settle for this image even though I'm not entirely pleased with it, but hey it was just for funsies.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Relief and The Cold Teeth

I think most of us are feeling pretty helpless in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I know I am. But I'm feeling comforted knowing that our US Navy is out there right now doing their absolute best in helping out. One of my best friends, Carl Copenhaver, is aboard the USS Preble and I'm proud that he's a part of the relief efforts. They are donating food, clothing, toiletries, and anything to help the Japanese. I hope you all keep the Navy fleet and the rest of Japan in your prayers.

The Cold Teeth

One of the few nice days we had this winter. I've always loved climbing around on the ice by the lake. Yeah I know it's filled with danger so I only go out when it's at least a couple feet thick. The water and ice can make really cool carvings as if a canyon wall/cave was carved out overnight. Even though it was really cold, I always love going out there.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

So it Begins and The Marina Gazeebo

Hi all! For those of you who know me, yes I finally started this blog thingy I said I was going to do. For the others who may not be so familiar, welcome! I started this to start sharing some of my work that I've been building up through the years and I really hope you enjoy what I'm going to be showing you. So enjoy!! 

The Marina Gazeebo 

Lately I've been processing a lot of HDR photography (High Dynamic Range). As this has only been a recent development, I will not be posting strickly HDR. I will bounce back and forth between processed and unprocessed photos. And since I've been hearing about all sorts of 360 project photos, posting a photo from everyday and such, I will just post a photo a day. Or at least try to. Since I don't have internet where I live I will try my best when I go somewhere that does have it, also I'm busy. Anyway, christening this blog is a photo down at our marina in Ludington, MI.